Friday, April 16, 2010

The Beginning

Friends often ask me if I've discovered new music recently and there is mostly a long list of bands that I could mention. I usually - very excitedly - give them some recommendations but I'm sure as soon as they get home they've already forgotten. So I though that I should maybe write them all down so that I will only have to refer to my blog in the future. And maybe even some other people like my music taste and get enthusiastic about it.

Since I'm doing interviews with bands and artist for a radio station called Radio Marabu, I get loads of music and get to go to many gigs. Most of the interviews I'm doing are with pretty unknown bands. There's only the odd exception. If you are interested to know what bands I've interviews in the past 7 years, check out my next post.

One more thing before I get started. I'm not much of a writer or particularly good with words but I have a passion for music that I want to share and maybe even support bands and artist with that a little. I hope that's reason enough to start a blog.