Sunday, May 30, 2010

INTERVIEW: Morton Valence

29 October 2009 Morton Valence played the Magnet Club in Berlin. I met them all in the hotel for an interview. The band and entourage all came to sit in one little hotel room and listened to my questions and Rob's answers. I felt a bit like put on the spot but I think the interview turned out quite well. That's all due to Rob, who is quite a talker.
I did one mistake though: there are 5 members in the band, not 6. The sixth guy in the room was filming their shows.
Check out what Rob has got to say about the music industry, his frustration about their first record contract and their current album "Bob and Veronica Ride Again". It is a great one and in the interview you'll find out why it makes sense to support them by buying their record.

Morton Valence Interview

I love this song!

The band is currently busy working on their next album so if you like what you're listening to, keep an eye out for the next release.
Morton Valence Mysapce




Monday, May 24, 2010

Voxtrot say 'farewell'

Sad news coming from the Voxtrot camp. The Texas 4-piece have decided to call it a day after one last tour through the states. On their
website you can read up on the whys and hows of their decision.

That aside, in August of last year they self-released the song "Berlin, Without Return". Knowing that Ramesh used to live here for a while, you can take a wild guess what or who this song is about. To have a listen, go to their Myspace page.

But before you do, check out "Trepanation Party", it's typical Voxtrot style, absolutely beautiful:



Sunday, May 23, 2010

NEW ALBUM: Dr. Dog - Shame Shame

This Philadelphia 5-piece have been on my stereo ever since they played the Magnet Club last time. Their 2009 release FATE just sounds so different and fresh compared to everything else that came out last year. And even though they get thrown into the big swamp of what some people call "indie", I can't really place them anywhere since their sound keeps changing from album to album and from song to song.

For their latest album SHAME SHAME, they signed with ANTI Records, home to Tom Waits, DeVotchka and Spoon. Have a listen to "Shadow Poeple" and "Stranger", the latter being their first single off of this album.

Listen and download "Stranger" @

Tonight they'll be playing the new Magnet Club and I get the pleasure to meet them for a chat so stay tuned.



Thursday, May 20, 2010

Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks

... yet another of Jack White's shadow puppets?

Karen Elson, probably better known from the glossy mags and on the catwalk, will have her first album The Ghost Who Walks released in Germany May 28. Luckily her husband is a well known producer and artist, who runs his own label, otherwise she might have had more sticks and stones thrown between her feet.

Don't get me wrong, I really like her voice and I'm not usually a fan of female singer/songwriters. I wouldn't publish this post if I didn't like her songs. The title track pretty wowed me and made me listen up:

However, I can clearly see the Jack White influence there. There's no denying all the parallels to Detroit band Blanche, friends of Jack White with Jack Laurence on banjo and bass. Guess who is on tour with her right now? Half of The Raconteurs and it's neither Brandon nor Patrick...

Puppet or no puppet, you decide. I just hope there is more Karen Elson on that album than it looks like so that people start giving her most of the credit.
She'll be playing a showcase at the Privat Club this Sunday. I'd go if I hadn't have other plans.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

They've finally released their long awaited third full length INFINITE ARMS this month...

BAND OF HORSES formed in Seattle in 2004. Singer Ben Bridwell is the only founding member left in the band, every one else got replaced over the years. They released two amazing albums via Sup Pop "Everything All The Time" with their hit single "The Funeral" and "Cease To Begin", both produced by Phil Ek. In the meantime the band had moved to North Carolina. A year ago they started working with Phil Ek on their new album, which got released via Columbia Records.

The whole album is currently as stream on their website. Have a listen and get dazzled by Ben's beautiful songs. Every time I listen to it there are moments when I suddenly think that what I'm listening to is Nada Surf. In some songs Ben Bridwell sounds exactly like Matthew Caws, don't you think?

I was also lucky enough as to meet Ben Bridwell for an interview on their last tour in Berlin and I think this is a good time to dig it out again.
Band Of Horses Interview



Friday, May 14, 2010

NOT SO TWEE: The Juan MacLean - Feels So Good - free MP3

The Juan MacLean released his album DJ-Kicks in April this year via DFA Records. He's currently on DJ-tour in Europe. Check his Myspace page for dates.

'Feels So Good' is off of his new album and free to download on:

I also found this remix of an older track that you might know:
One Day (James Curd Remix)


Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Have Band - WHB preview

Married couple Thomas and Dede W-P plus Darren Bancroft make up We Have Band from London. Yet another band that proved that a record label isn't necessary for it's popularity to rise. Apparently gigging is their key, as they've told me.
Only in January this year they got signed to French indie label Naive. That doesn't seem to have done them much harm either, though.

Here are a couple of songs from their debut album WHB
WHB WEB SITE PLAYERbyGuillaume_Kayak


Sunday, May 9, 2010


I find it pretty hard to describe THE IRREPRESSIBLES so I'll just let other people do that for me:

"The Irrepressibles are a collective of musicians led by gifted countertenor, composer and performance artist Jamie McDermott and have been causing quite a stir around the capital of late. Their sound has been likened to that of David Bowie and Kate Bush but personally I hear neither in their debut album 'Mirror Mirror', at least not in abundance anyway. The reference points I hear are the towering majesty of Scott Walkers '4' album or the camp, artistically daring, thoroughly OTT musings of Tiger Lilies." (

"An enchantingly theatrical pop extravaganza.” (The Sunday Times)

And here you'll get more goosebump-action:



Friday, May 7, 2010

NEW // Health - USA Boys

These guys are getting busy again. For the remix album ::DISCO2 they've recorded the song USA Boys, which will be their next single release.

HEALTH - USA Boys by cityslang


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bishop Allen - Grrr

Bishop Allen are yet another band from Brooklyn, NYC, and I can see some similarities between them and The Low Anthem. All founding members used to study at highly prestigious universities where they met and had a radio show on their local college radio station. In Bishop Allen's case Justin Rice and Christian Rudder met at Harvard University and formed the band in 2003.

Their 3rd album GRRR was already released a year ago so this is old news, but I just discovered them for myself.

Have a look on their website for more information and some MP3s:


Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Album: The Apples In Stereo - TRAVELLERS IN SPACE AND TIME

There was a time in 2007 when the Apples' album NEW MAGNETIC WONDER was played on high rotation on my stereo.
In April this year they've released their 7th album that goes by the name TRAVELLERS IN SPACE AND TIME via Simian Records/Yep Roc/Elephant 6. I'm sure it'll have the same 'stereo magnetic' effect as the previous one. By the way, Simian Records is Elijah Wood's label so don't be surprised to see him in their video.

At a first listen it doesn't seem all too different from the previous - a lot of vocoder action again.

What I love about them - apart from their songs - is the fact that they put their album as stream on their website so have a listen:

The Apples on Stereo website