Sunday, May 16, 2010

Band of Horses - Infinite Arms

They've finally released their long awaited third full length INFINITE ARMS this month...

BAND OF HORSES formed in Seattle in 2004. Singer Ben Bridwell is the only founding member left in the band, every one else got replaced over the years. They released two amazing albums via Sup Pop "Everything All The Time" with their hit single "The Funeral" and "Cease To Begin", both produced by Phil Ek. In the meantime the band had moved to North Carolina. A year ago they started working with Phil Ek on their new album, which got released via Columbia Records.

The whole album is currently as stream on their website. Have a listen and get dazzled by Ben's beautiful songs. Every time I listen to it there are moments when I suddenly think that what I'm listening to is Nada Surf. In some songs Ben Bridwell sounds exactly like Matthew Caws, don't you think?

I was also lucky enough as to meet Ben Bridwell for an interview on their last tour in Berlin and I think this is a good time to dig it out again.
Band Of Horses Interview

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