Sunday, May 30, 2010

INTERVIEW: Morton Valence

29 October 2009 Morton Valence played the Magnet Club in Berlin. I met them all in the hotel for an interview. The band and entourage all came to sit in one little hotel room and listened to my questions and Rob's answers. I felt a bit like put on the spot but I think the interview turned out quite well. That's all due to Rob, who is quite a talker.
I did one mistake though: there are 5 members in the band, not 6. The sixth guy in the room was filming their shows.
Check out what Rob has got to say about the music industry, his frustration about their first record contract and their current album "Bob and Veronica Ride Again". It is a great one and in the interview you'll find out why it makes sense to support them by buying their record.

Morton Valence Interview

I love this song!

The band is currently busy working on their next album so if you like what you're listening to, keep an eye out for the next release.
Morton Valence Mysapce


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