Sunday, May 23, 2010

NEW ALBUM: Dr. Dog - Shame Shame

This Philadelphia 5-piece have been on my stereo ever since they played the Magnet Club last time. Their 2009 release FATE just sounds so different and fresh compared to everything else that came out last year. And even though they get thrown into the big swamp of what some people call "indie", I can't really place them anywhere since their sound keeps changing from album to album and from song to song.

For their latest album SHAME SHAME, they signed with ANTI Records, home to Tom Waits, DeVotchka and Spoon. Have a listen to "Shadow Poeple" and "Stranger", the latter being their first single off of this album.

Listen and download "Stranger" @

Tonight they'll be playing the new Magnet Club and I get the pleasure to meet them for a chat so stay tuned.

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