Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Annuals - Eyes In The Darkness MP3

In my last post I introduced the indie label Souterrain Transmissions to you and apart from Musée Mécanique and Ramona Falls I would also like you to put your attention on The Annuals. These guys hail from North Carolina and have toured with the likes of The Flaming Lips, Bloc Party and Calexico. They'll be releasing their second, self-produced album “Count the Rings” on August 20.

Annuals - Eyes In The Darkness by souterraintransmissions

To download and listen to via the STREAMPAD bar on the bottom of your page: Annuals - Eyes In The Darkness MP3

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Souterrain Transmissions Free Lable Sampler

Souterrain Transmissions is a pretty young indie label that is co-founded by Christof Ellinghaus (head of City Slang) and counts CocoRosie, Laura Gibson, and Ganglians among others on their roster. Basically, pretty much anything that Christof Ellinghaus puts his hands on is really good stuff.

To introduce the label and their bands, Souterrain Transmissions released an MP3 compilation via Tonspion.

I'm particularly keen on Musée Mécanique at the moment, who I've already had the pleasure to interview late last year. I think their album "Hold This Ghost" is amazing. Perfect day-dreamer-pop:
Musée Mécanique - Like Home by souterraintransmissions
They've already done two gigs in Berlin in the last 6 months but they'll be back again on Sept 26 to play the Crystal Club. Maybe this time they'll bring the whole band.

On the Souterrain Transmissions donwload page you can also listen to all their bands. Like Ramona Falls for example:
Ramona Falls - Russia (The Hood Internet Remix) (feat. Lil Wayne)
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arcade Fire reveal "The Suburbs" tracklist

ARCADE FIRE will be releasing their third album THE SUBURBS on August 2nd in Germany.
The tracklist is as follows:
01. The Suburbs
02. Ready to Start
03. Modern Man
04. Rococo
05. Empty Room
06. City With No Children
07. Half Light I
08. Half Light II (No Celebration)
09. Suburban War
10. Month of May
11. Wasted Hours
12. Deep Blue
13. We Used to Wait
14. Sprawl I (Flatland)
15. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
16. The Suburbs (continued)

On 31. August they'll be playing a sold out show at the Tempodrom in Berlin and, according to their label, further Germany dates are planned for November.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

INTERVIEW: Eagle*Seagull

These guys have become a lot more dancy. I already realised on their tour in June 2008. I remember thinking that all the new songs sound really cool and upbeat, good songs to dance to, and got excited about their second album. Usually it's the other way around for me. I mostly prefer the first albums of bands and then get bored by the second. Definitely not so here. "The Year Of The How-To Book" has got it all, from the upbeat to the mellow tunes. Eli seems to like it twisted apparently, just like his state of mind. Have a listen to find out what that means:
Eagle Seagull Interview by This Is Twee

And here's the video that we were referring to in the interview:

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Friday, June 11, 2010

INTERVIEW: Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn was on tour earlier this year as support for Mumford and Sons. On 15th April I met up with him at the Astra Kulturhaus. He's a charming young man with an amazing talent for lyrical writing, which he proves again in his current album "Been Listening". He's a fan of Shakespeare and can even cite Hamlets soliloquy. But he's also an actor and has toured with the Shakespeare Company so that's not so surprising then.
Johnny Flynn Interview by This Is Twee

Here you can listen to some of his songs off the new album. If you like that folksy sound that's coming from the UK at the moment, you will definitely like this.
Johnny Flynn - Been Listening by cooperativemusic1

Also have at least a look at his first album in vinyl. The album's called "A Larum"  As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with the artwork and bought it straight away. It's a pop-up stage,
double vinyl, and it comes with characters!!!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fanfarlo - "Fire Escape" (Dave Sitek Remix)

I'm a big fan of Fanfarlo and I'm a big fan of almost anything that Dave Sitek gets his hands on. I've interviewed both and especially the one with Dave Sitek is one that I'll remember. Maybe I'll post it one here sometime but it's really old. It's from the first TV On The Radio tour.

So anyway, here are both, Fanfarlo and Dave Sitek, combined:
Fanfarlo - 'Fire Escape (David Sitek remix)' by Tim Chester NME
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eclipse Soundtrack / Johan Hugo's current project + MP3

OK, I'm quite indifferent about the films but the soundtrack to the new Twilight episode ECLIPSE is pretty decent. I started to realise when I did the latest show for Radio Marabu and, as it happens, I have interviewed three of the bands (The Bravery, Band of Horses & Fanfarlo), four if you count Johan Hugo, who is one-half of RADIOCLIT and one-third of THE VERY BEST.
Speaking of whom, he seems to be a pretty busy guy at the moment. I've found this mp3 that made me laugh. Have a listen and you'll instantly understand... By the way, Johan is Swedish and that explains a lot.


MP3 downloadable via RCRD LBL RADIO

Coming back to the ECLIPSE soundtrack, here you can listen to the whole album. It's definitely worth checking out.
Plus keep an eye out for my interview with Fanfarlo that I did just before the show here in Berlin on Tuesday.

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