Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arcade Fire - Change of Release Date

Today City Slang announced that Arcade Fire will release their album "The Suburbs" 3 days ahead of the worldwide release. Therefore it's coming out here July 30th.

Arcade Fire homepage

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Discovered: Blind Pilot

I was having a drink with a friend in a bar in Kreuzberg, Berlin, the other day. The bartender put on his compilation, which made me listen up every now and again. And then there was one song that was too beautiful to just let it pass. So I asked the bartender who it was and he answered: Blind Pilot.

Blind Pilo
t, from Portland, Oregon, initially started as a duo with song writer and guitarist Israel Nebeker and drummer Ryan Dobrowski. The idea came when they spent the summer in Newquay, England, and carried on writing songs when they got back to Oregon. They set out to an adventure bike tour with their instruments along the east coast, starting in Vancouver and finishing in San Francisco after their bikes got stolen.
The group then grew to a six piece including Kati Claborn on banjo and dulcimer, Luke Ydstie on upright bass, Dave Jorgensen on trumpet and harmonium, and Ian Krist on vibraphone. By then the album 3 Rounds and a Sound was completed. Since it's released in 2008 they've toured with fellow Portlanders The Decemberists as well as The Hold Steady, among others.

Beware, these songs will haunt you:

MP3 of "Go On Say It"
Daytrotter Session
Blind Pilot on Myspace

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Friday, July 23, 2010

I Am Kloot Play Live Boadcast / New Album: Sky At Night

Last night was special!

Berlin radio station Radio Eins invited their listeners to a live broadcast of the amazing I Am Kloot, who are currently doing the radio circuit to promote their new album "Skye At Night" (release Germany 30.07.2010). The album was produced by Craig Potter and Guy Garvey from Elbow.

But let's start at the beginning. After Agnes Obel's short but sublime support set, I Am Kloot entered the stage at about 8:05pm and played the first half of their set accompanied by a piano player, a guitarist/trumpet player and a sax player. They also added some harmonies to give it more umph.
They played the whole album including a few old songs like "Over My Shoulder" from the 2001 Gods and Monster's album and "Your Favourit Sky" from their selftitled album. With those harmonies, their earworm songs and John Bramwell's incredibe voice, nothing could've gone wrong. Even the fact that John Bramwell was playing most of the first song with his amp off, loosened the atmosphere right from the start.

There was one thing that I found very unusual but brilliant: within about an hour I counted 4 songs in 3/4 time and those where almost the best from their set next to their singles. They have an amazing talent of structuring and arranging their songs.
Listen to the whole Sky At Night album as stream here.

Check out their current single "Northern Sky":

And here you can download this amazing song:

I Am Kloot homepage
I Am Kloot on Myspace

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Earworm - What is it?

"What is an 'earworm'?", everyone from outside of Germany might ask.

I realised that there is no one word in the English language that describes a song that you can't get out of your head and that keeps crawling around for a while. There is, however, a word for it in German and its literal translation is "earworm". I love that word and it is my mission to establish it in the English language. It should be included in the dictionaries as an idiom if you ask me.

When you google the word "earworm" you'll get heaps of links for it. Even Fran Healy from Travis tried to popularise it in English by contributing it to a song by The Clint Boon Experience that he's featuring on called "Do What You Do (Earworm Song)" off of their album "Life In Transmission".

Speaking of Clint Boon and earworms, my regularly reappearing earworm by the Inspiral Carpets is "Saturn 5":

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sondre Lerche / Dan in Real Life

The other day when I was watching telly I zaped into the film "Dan In Real Life", which is an amazing film with a very special soundtrack as I realised. Basically, Sondre Lerche from Bergen, Norway, did the music for the whole film.
I remember reading his Myspace blog a few years ago, where he was talking about the film and his soundtrack. The blog post was hilarious and I meant to watch it ever since but somehow forgot until last week. And it made me digg out Sondre Lerche's stunning album "Two Way Monologue" from 2004. But it was his debut album "Faces Down" from 2002 that arouse peoples awareness in Norway and made him reasonably popular in the States. Funny how some artists can make it in the States without causing much of a stir in Germany. But I guess getting signed to the US label Astralworks and him moving to the States did the trick.

So if your into the singer/songwriters of the world and like a good film, you should watch "Dan In Real Life" and listen to Sondre Lerche's albums. Here's a bit of a teaser:

Sondre Lerche homepage

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forest & Crispian - Modest Sensation

I've been to Sweden recently with a friend of mine and we were staying at friends of hers in Malmö. Their upstairs neighbours Karl-Johan was hanging out with us and it turned out that he's playing in a band called Forest & Crispian. When my friend mentioned that I'm doing interviews and have a music blog he handed me their current album "Modest Sensation". We listened to it the same night and I found myself humming along to it all of a sudden. That's a good sign. Sweet little tunes that remind me in parts of some of my favourite bands. I'm not gonna drop any names to avoid pigeonholing. It's really beautiful as it is anyway:

Forest & Crispian - Dahlia live on Swedish talk show

Forest & Crispian | MySpace Musikvideos

Forest & Crispian on Myspace

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

NEW ALBUM: MGMT - Congratulations

Just in case you haven't been aware, MGMT have released their sophomore album "Congratulations" earlier this year.
I've heard and read mixed reviews about it but make up your own mind. Their third single "It's Working", pretty much just like the rest of the album, is quite "HAIR(Y)", if you get my drift. This single is certainly a grower so give it a few listens before you make a judgement...

The guys from Air put their twiddling touches to that track:

"Flash Delirium" was the first digital release off of this album:

There was a 2000 limited edition single release of "Siberian Breaks" in between those two singles. That one was for vinyl geeks only, since it a 12" blue marble vinyl single featuring the full 12-minute album version of the song. Hence there is no digital version or video of the song to be found on the web, except for the bootlegs.

On the MGMT website you get the chance to listen to the whole album, though, including "Siberian Breaks".

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Friday, July 2, 2010

New ALBUM: Norman Palm - Shore To Shore

Wednesday night I got a chance to see Norman Palm again as support for Junip at the Festsaal Kreuzberg and, oh boy, what a difference to the last time I saw him a couple of years ago. He's released his second album "SHORE TO SHORE" on July 1 and teamed up for his live-set with DJ and producer OBI BLANCHE and engineer Janne Lounatvuori, who runs a recording studio and co-produced this album with Norman. But on his live shows the electro/techno influences of those two Finns come out quite dominantly, which gives his nice little tunes a bit of an edge. To me, Norman Palm was much more worth watching that night than Junip.

His album hasn't quite got this edginess but it's still worth listening to. He's even giving away a free MP3 "Landslide":
Norman Palm - Shore to Shore by Norman Palm

Norman Palm is on tour in September so have a look at my Tour Dates page and check him out at a town near you.

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