Sunday, July 18, 2010

Earworm - What is it?

"What is an 'earworm'?", everyone from outside of Germany might ask.

I realised that there is no one word in the English language that describes a song that you can't get out of your head and that keeps crawling around for a while. There is, however, a word for it in German and its literal translation is "earworm". I love that word and it is my mission to establish it in the English language. It should be included in the dictionaries as an idiom if you ask me.

When you google the word "earworm" you'll get heaps of links for it. Even Fran Healy from Travis tried to popularise it in English by contributing it to a song by The Clint Boon Experience that he's featuring on called "Do What You Do (Earworm Song)" off of their album "Life In Transmission".

Speaking of Clint Boon and earworms, my regularly reappearing earworm by the Inspiral Carpets is "Saturn 5":

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