Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forest & Crispian - Modest Sensation

I've been to Sweden recently with a friend of mine and we were staying at friends of hers in Malmö. Their upstairs neighbours Karl-Johan was hanging out with us and it turned out that he's playing in a band called Forest & Crispian. When my friend mentioned that I'm doing interviews and have a music blog he handed me their current album "Modest Sensation". We listened to it the same night and I found myself humming along to it all of a sudden. That's a good sign. Sweet little tunes that remind me in parts of some of my favourite bands. I'm not gonna drop any names to avoid pigeonholing. It's really beautiful as it is anyway:

Forest & Crispian - Dahlia live on Swedish talk show

Forest & Crispian | MySpace Musikvideos

Forest & Crispian on Myspace

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