Friday, July 23, 2010

I Am Kloot Play Live Boadcast / New Album: Sky At Night

Last night was special!

Berlin radio station Radio Eins invited their listeners to a live broadcast of the amazing I Am Kloot, who are currently doing the radio circuit to promote their new album "Skye At Night" (release Germany 30.07.2010). The album was produced by Craig Potter and Guy Garvey from Elbow.

But let's start at the beginning. After Agnes Obel's short but sublime support set, I Am Kloot entered the stage at about 8:05pm and played the first half of their set accompanied by a piano player, a guitarist/trumpet player and a sax player. They also added some harmonies to give it more umph.
They played the whole album including a few old songs like "Over My Shoulder" from the 2001 Gods and Monster's album and "Your Favourit Sky" from their selftitled album. With those harmonies, their earworm songs and John Bramwell's incredibe voice, nothing could've gone wrong. Even the fact that John Bramwell was playing most of the first song with his amp off, loosened the atmosphere right from the start.

There was one thing that I found very unusual but brilliant: within about an hour I counted 4 songs in 3/4 time and those where almost the best from their set next to their singles. They have an amazing talent of structuring and arranging their songs.
Listen to the whole Sky At Night album as stream here.

Check out their current single "Northern Sky":

And here you can download this amazing song:

I Am Kloot homepage
I Am Kloot on Myspace

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