Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Discovered: Blind Pilot

I was having a drink with a friend in a bar in Kreuzberg, Berlin, the other day. The bartender put on his compilation, which made me listen up every now and again. And then there was one song that was too beautiful to just let it pass. So I asked the bartender who it was and he answered: Blind Pilot.

Blind Pilo
t, from Portland, Oregon, initially started as a duo with song writer and guitarist Israel Nebeker and drummer Ryan Dobrowski. The idea came when they spent the summer in Newquay, England, and carried on writing songs when they got back to Oregon. They set out to an adventure bike tour with their instruments along the east coast, starting in Vancouver and finishing in San Francisco after their bikes got stolen.
The group then grew to a six piece including Kati Claborn on banjo and dulcimer, Luke Ydstie on upright bass, Dave Jorgensen on trumpet and harmonium, and Ian Krist on vibraphone. By then the album 3 Rounds and a Sound was completed. Since it's released in 2008 they've toured with fellow Portlanders The Decemberists as well as The Hold Steady, among others.

Beware, these songs will haunt you:

MP3 of "Go On Say It"
Daytrotter Session
Blind Pilot on Myspace

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