Sunday, July 4, 2010

NEW ALBUM: MGMT - Congratulations

Just in case you haven't been aware, MGMT have released their sophomore album "Congratulations" earlier this year.
I've heard and read mixed reviews about it but make up your own mind. Their third single "It's Working", pretty much just like the rest of the album, is quite "HAIR(Y)", if you get my drift. This single is certainly a grower so give it a few listens before you make a judgement...

The guys from Air put their twiddling touches to that track:

"Flash Delirium" was the first digital release off of this album:

There was a 2000 limited edition single release of "Siberian Breaks" in between those two singles. That one was for vinyl geeks only, since it a 12" blue marble vinyl single featuring the full 12-minute album version of the song. Hence there is no digital version or video of the song to be found on the web, except for the bootlegs.

On the MGMT website you get the chance to listen to the whole album, though, including "Siberian Breaks".

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