Friday, July 2, 2010

New ALBUM: Norman Palm - Shore To Shore

Wednesday night I got a chance to see Norman Palm again as support for Junip at the Festsaal Kreuzberg and, oh boy, what a difference to the last time I saw him a couple of years ago. He's released his second album "SHORE TO SHORE" on July 1 and teamed up for his live-set with DJ and producer OBI BLANCHE and engineer Janne Lounatvuori, who runs a recording studio and co-produced this album with Norman. But on his live shows the electro/techno influences of those two Finns come out quite dominantly, which gives his nice little tunes a bit of an edge. To me, Norman Palm was much more worth watching that night than Junip.

His album hasn't quite got this edginess but it's still worth listening to. He's even giving away a free MP3 "Landslide":
Norman Palm - Shore to Shore by Norman Palm

Norman Palm is on tour in September so have a look at my Tour Dates page and check him out at a town near you.

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