Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sondre Lerche / Dan in Real Life

The other day when I was watching telly I zaped into the film "Dan In Real Life", which is an amazing film with a very special soundtrack as I realised. Basically, Sondre Lerche from Bergen, Norway, did the music for the whole film.
I remember reading his Myspace blog a few years ago, where he was talking about the film and his soundtrack. The blog post was hilarious and I meant to watch it ever since but somehow forgot until last week. And it made me digg out Sondre Lerche's stunning album "Two Way Monologue" from 2004. But it was his debut album "Faces Down" from 2002 that arouse peoples awareness in Norway and made him reasonably popular in the States. Funny how some artists can make it in the States without causing much of a stir in Germany. But I guess getting signed to the US label Astralworks and him moving to the States did the trick.

So if your into the singer/songwriters of the world and like a good film, you should watch "Dan In Real Life" and listen to Sondre Lerche's albums. Here's a bit of a teaser:

Sondre Lerche homepage

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