Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kashmir - Mouthful of Wasps

Here's another one of those earworm bands: Kashmir from Danmark.

Formed in 1991 by Kasper Eistrup, Mads Tunebjerg und Asger Techau and joined in 2001 by Henrik Lindstrand, they've released their long awaited sixth album "Trespassers" earlier this year.

Their first single "Mouthful of Wasps" off it is such an haunting earworm for me that it makes it worth writing about. It was on the radio this morning and I've got it in my brain ever since. This is the evil bugger:

Here you can listen to a couple of songs of this album:
Kashmir by Volcano Management

There is another Danish band that I always have to think of when listening to Kashmir and that's Utah. I'll come to them in the next post.

Kashmir homepage
Kashmir Myspace site

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