Monday, August 2, 2010

Utah - Strength In Numbers

Last year I was booking the band Utah from Denmark. When I took their album "Strength In Numbers" home to check them out, I just could not stop listening to it for 2 weeks straight. It is so intense and sooo incredibly beautiful that I got really excited seeing them live. Eventually I did, twice, at the end of February 2009 and it's been great days.
Because "Strength In Numbers" was released in 2007, they went back into the studio after they got back from those two gigs in Berlin and started to record their second album. It was meant to be finished by autumn but they've had some problems along the way. The singer got seriously ill so now the recording process is on hold.

Fingers crossed that he'll soon be ok and all the best to him!
I can't wait to listen to the new tracks because I'm sure that they've written some serious earworms again, just like on their first album, where there is one earworm after the other.

Check out their website to listen to the whole album as stream. Here is also a video from the early years but it sounds just like it was yesterday.

Utah is a five-piece band from Aarhus in Denmark. They've been around since 2003, where they won the audience award in Denmark's biggest band competition "Live Contest 2003" and played live at the Roskilde Festival. They soon got noticed by the Danish media and in 2006 they signed a deal with Playground Music, home to Franz Ferdinand, The Artic Monkeys, and The White Stripes. That same year, their song "Crash-Burn" was featured on the US hit show "One Tree Hill".

Utah homepage
Utah on Myspace

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