Saturday, October 9, 2010

NEW ALBUM & SINGLE: Carl Barât - Run With The Boys

My sister keeps asking me whether I want to do an interview with Carl Barât again when he's in town on his solo tour in November. She's a huge fan of his and all the bands he's involved in and she already accompanied me the first time I did an interview with him on the last Libertines show in Berlin. She acted as my photographer and she did a great job! Guess what her plan is... ;)

I didn't have plans of getting him in front of my microphone again because interviews with him are mostly useless for radio due to the fact that he mumbles really heavily. Plus I hadn't listened to any of his solo stuff and was a bit nonchalant. But then I actually got an email from Carl Barât's German radio plugger, asking me if I wanted to do an interview. I thought that was hilarious, explained the situation to him and we made a deal that I'll have it depend on the album. So yesterday Carl Barâts self titled solo album was in my postbox and ever since I started listening to it this morning, it's in my stereo on rotation. I love it!!! His voice is amazing. The songs are all in a singer/songwriter style but not one sounds like the other and most of them have a very strong earworm character. It might have something to do with him having had some helping hands on a few songs who go by the names of Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) and Andrew Wyatt (Mike Snow).

So I guess it's decided. I'm going to try to get an interview with Mr. Carl Barât, so watch this space.

Here's a little teaser off of his album, the first single:

Run With The Boys from Carl barat on Vimeo.

...and here's a link to listen to the whole album on
This Is Fake DIY
Release date was Ocotober 1, 2010.

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