Friday, July 29, 2011

NEW || DEAD BLACK HEARTS - The Southern Front EP

New music was coming my way from the Monolathe Recordings' camp, their second big release after STEREO IS A LIE's debut album in February of this year. The band I'm talking about is called dead black hearts and hail from Austin, Texas. I've been listening to their second EP "The Southern Front" constantly ever since it got into my inbox and after the third spin I already found myself singing along to them. That's a great sign and I'm well excited. It turns out that most of the songs on their new release are just as haunting as their song "Failure" from their first EP "Five Gallant Steeds". Still, a progress from the first EP to the next becomes apparent in terms of song structure, harmonies, and earworm potential.

The physical release of "The Southern Front" will be on the shelves on August 23rd in the States and will be available as import everywhere else. 
As far as I'm aware, they haven't got any deal or license for outside of the US, so if you happen to be as excited about their stuff as I am and know of a way to support them, please get in touch with their record label.

Have a listen to their EP "The Southern Front" here: 
Songs that I recommend you should listen to: Ambush! & Postcard From Somewhere Cold (I just love those time-changes).

This is their first EP they self-released and offer as free MP3 download:

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