Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Download// STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It

2001 was an amazing year, with The Strokes releasing their outstanding debut album "Is This It". That album carries an aura with it that most bands never get for any of their albums. The following artists and bands must have thought the same and contributed their versions of a Strokes song from that album. Since there are bands involved from all kind of different genres, the bands and artists gave each song a little twist by making it their own.

Cover designed by Seldon Hunt
  1. Peter Björn & John - "Is This It"
  2. Chelsea Wolfe - "The Modern Age"
  3. Frankei Rose - "Soma"
  4. Real Estate - "Barely Legal"
  5. Wise Blood - "Someday"
  6. Austra - "Alone, Together"
  7. The Morning Benders - "Last Night"
  8. Owen Pallett - "Hard To Explain"
  9. Heems - "New York City Cops"
  10. Deradoorian - "Trying Your Luck"
  11. Computer Magic - "Take It Or Leave It"
Stereogum has got the whole album on their site to listen and download here: Stroked - tribute to Is This It
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