Sunday, November 13, 2011

GOTYE showcase at CMJ Music Marathon

Hey folks, sorry it's been a while but I guess I just needed some inspiration.

I've just come back from a New York trip where I got plenty of inspiration in terms of music. I was there for the CMJ Music Marathon, which is a music industry festival with loads of gigs spread across Manhattan and Brooklyn.
On of the showcases I went to was an afternoon event at the Thomson Hotel on the Lower East Side. The line up was brilliant, even though I hadn't had any idea about the majority of acts playing. 
Let's just say, the defintive highlight was the first band on and that was GOTYE from Australia. They were (or should I say he was) the reason I went in the first place and even though I didn't know many songs, I was curious because I heard so many good things about them. And yes, it was amazing! 
About three weeks later, I was lucky enough to catch them again at their headlining show in Berlin at the sold out Frannz Club. Not only is singer and mastermind of GOTYE, Wouter De Backer, an absolute instrumental and rhythmical genius but also every single member of his band. Just seeing him and the drummer play in exact rhythmic unison was jaw-dropping.
If you haven't already heard of them yet, please check out the catchy single of an earworm featuring New Zealand star Kimbra. And "Somebody That I Used To Know" certainly isn't the only earworm on the current album "Making Mirrors". Hear for yourself.

Gotye - Making Mirrors by Gotye

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