Saturday, December 10, 2011

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While I was in New York and went to several shows during the CMJ Music Marathon, a friend and I wanted to kill some time before we went to see Is Tropical and French Horn Rebellion at Brooklyn Bowl. Down the street at The Grasslands Gallery was a free show that we thought we'd check out even though we didn't know any of the bands that were on. Shortly after we got there this band started to play and they got me hooked from the beginning.
The band's name is CAVEMAN and they actually come from Brooklyn. I was trying to get their album days later but found out that it was only realeased in November in the States. And even though you can only get it as import in Europe at the moment, I'd still like you to get to know this band.
CAVEMAN is again one of those bands - just like GOTYE for example - where the rhythm section plays a very important role. That becomes quite clear in the following song and video:

Their debut album goes by the name of "CoCo Beware" and here you can listen to a three songs from that album, starting with my favourite "Old Friend.

Two of those songs can be downloaded right here: "Thankful" and "Old Friend".
thankful // caveman by sexmusic

Caveman "Old Friend" MP3 by The FADER

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