Saturday, January 14, 2012

NEW || free MP3 || HOWLER - America Give Up

Howler: "Back of Your Neck"

I only heard about HOWLER this morning on the radio and since the singer's voice and in some ways also their doo-wop style of sound reminded me quite a bit of MAN MAN or MISTER HEAVENLY, I thought it makes the perfect next THIS IS TWEE post. 

This is a pretty young band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, still in their late teens. Last year they toured the East Coast of the US with Tapes 'N Tapes and supported The Vaccines on their sold out UK tour. 
I wish I was back in New York next week, since they will be playing a stint of record release shows in Manhatten and Brooklyn. It won't be long until they'll be back in Europe for their first headlining tour, though. It will kick off in Bristol on January 23rd and on February 11th they'll be in Berlin for their one and only Germany show. 

I'm getting well excited seeing them on their tour, while I'm listening to their debut album AMERICA GIVE UP. See what you think about it: The album was released in Germany yesterday and will be released in the UK and US next week via Rough Trade. On HOWLER's Facebook site you get a link to download their current single "Back Of Your Neck". 
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Friday, January 6, 2012

NEW || free MP3 || GIVERS - IN LIGHT

At the moment there are quite a few bands on the music circuit, where the rhythm section plays a bigger role in the band than in most other bands. I already blogged about Caveman and with Gotye it's just the same. Now here is another band to add to this list, and a pretty exciting one: GIVERS. These guys in their early twens hail from Lafayette, Louisiana. They are fronted by Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson, the latter of whom also banging some drums at the front of the stage. But they all have an fantastic stage presence that get's the crowd going.
In Berlin at the Magnet Club in November of last year it didn't take them long to get the crowd to bop around.

GIVERS' debut "In Light" is an amazing album of dancy, rhythm-driven earworms that makes you want to sing along to every song. Here are three of their best, which are also their singles.

GIVERS Playlist by Glassnotemusic

Here you can also download their hit single "Up Up UP". 
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