Monday, June 24, 2013

WAMPIRE - Interview & Album Listening

Wampire, that's Rocky Tinder (left) and Eric Phipps (right) from Portland, Oregon, USA. They've released their debut album 'CURIOSITY' in May 2013 via Polyvinyl Records. The first single released off of it is THE HEARSE, a pretty catchy but as for the lyrics quite gloomy song, as the title suggests. The B-side is DAS MODELL by Kraftwerk, which Eric sings in almost perfect German, since he'd lived in Germany, Stuttgart, for a short while during high school as an exchange student. That's also where the name Wampire came about, when he was hanging out with his friend Manuel, who was into goth and new wave. 
Were I first thought he's taking the mickey out of us Germans for mispronouncing the Vs and Ws, it's not really meant to be insulting, according to Rockey.

Last Saturday they did a one off show in Germany at the Loft Lounge in Berlin, right by the river Spree. I caught up with them for a little chat about the band, their Kraftwerk cover, and their plans of touring in Germany at the end of this year. Check out by listening to the interview here:  

The gig was pretty cool and I look forward to seeing them again on a bigger stage hopefully with a good sound-system, where they will have some space to move around. In the meantime, have a listen to their amazing album. It's full of little growers!

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