Monday, July 15, 2013


Telekinesis is Michael Benjamin Lerner, which sounds very German to me. He might have German ancestors - I don't know - but that is not the point. He is an amazing singer/songwriter, who is by no means new to the indie circuit. He has released 3 albums by now and has toured the US and Europe. He can drop some names that he's worked with on his albums (Chris Walla/Death Cab For Cutie, Jim Eno/Spoon) and he's had help by several live musicians for the tours.
But for some reason it's his third album "Dormarion" that first caught my attention.

Telekinesis is pretty much a one man band, who was one of the talented, lucky ones to learn the recording and song-writing trade by studying at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Afterwards, he went back to Seattle, Washington where he signed with Merge Records, who released his third album "Dormarion" in April of this year. In Germany it came out via Morr Music. That was three and a half months ago. I guess it took that long to have the album grown on me to only write about it now. 

Nevertheless, here are several songs on it that hit you at once and catch your attention. One of them certainly is the single "Ghosts And Creatures", which you'll find further down as a separate stream and download. But the album also works extremely well as a whole, you might just need a while to let it grow. 

And why call it "Dormarion"? That word probably doesn't mean anything to most people. It is, in fact, named after Dormarion Lane in Austin, Texas, since that's where the album was recorded; at Jim Eno's Public Hi-Fi studio.

Telekinesis website

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